3 Piece Grill Set -
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3 Piece Grill Set

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Three is the Magic Number

A full 3-piece including trusty tongs, BBQ fork, and a truly functional spatula.

The three core tools every BBQ lover needs to cook incredible barbecue.

Built from 304-grade stainless steel & carefully selected Acacia wood, invest in the essential tools you'll fall in love with every time.

And we all know, a cleaner BBQ means better flavor.

BBQ-AID 3-Piece Grilling Set

Why Choose BBQ-AID?

  • Icon 1 The Core Tools
    For any BBQ Fan
  • Icon 2 Clean Easily in
    Your Dishwasher
  • Icon 3 Perfect As A
    Thoughtful Gift
  • Icon 4 Quality Materials
    Made to Last

It Takes Three to BBQ

The Three essential tools every BBQ lover must have!

The BBQ-AID 3-Piece Set includes core accessories needed to cook confidently, no matter how hot the flames. This trusty set will ensure that you're fully prepared to serve up delicious BBQ every time .

Strength Meets Style

Every too is crafted from high-quality stainless steel and carefully selected Acacia wood.

We believe everything BBQ should be done right and with passion

So we developed a set of tools that have been designed to do their job perfectly ,q nd also look great doing it.

Strength Meets Style

Which 3 is a crowd?

BBQ-AID Grill Brush and Scraper

BBQ-AID 3 Piece Set

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Cook Like The Pros

We don't just develop tools to turn up, we create tools that promise to perform.

Superior equipment means improved grilling.

So be sure to invest in a BBQ set that can stand the heat and support you in cooking great tasting food every time.

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14-Day Trial - Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know how much BBQ means to you and your family. It's one of the many reasons why we invest so much time and energy ensuring our tools are built to last a lifetime.

Be Flipping Great

BBQ has a place in every American's heart. We like doing BBQ right!

It doesn't matter if you're flipping great tasting burgers, forking juicy chicken wings or using your tongs to cook the perfect steak.

We simply want to make sure you're ready to BBQ and do things right.

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