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In 2014, we set out on a mission to bring the best line of staple BBQ tools to market to transform BBQ once and for all. We simply set out to build a superior line from scratch, by focusing on quality and effectiveness.

Over the last 7 years, we have brought a simple line of products to market that accomplish the powerful purpose of transforming BBQ for millions of people across the world through expertly crafted, highly effective BBQ tools. To this day, we stay true to our core by understanding that quality is everything, People matter most, and Better BBQ begins with a superior tool.

Quality is Everything

Quality is everything.

Back in 2014, we realized that most BBQ equipment is the same - featuring unoriginal options, low quality materials, and deceptive marketing. So, we created BBQ-AID® with one goal: to design functional BBQ tools of uncompromising quality, for people we care about.

People matter most.

At the heart of everything we do are the people we connect and create memories with. We are incredibly focused on the individuals and families we impact every day, including our customers, employees, friends and family.

We listen and implement your feedback to iterate and improve our product designs continuously.

People matter most.
Better BBQ begins with a superior tool.

Better BBQ begins with a superior tool.

We've mastered our craft by paying close attention to the finer details: from beautiful Acacia Wooden handles, high grade Stainless Steel and Ceramic finishes, to fast, free shipping and stellar customer service. We deliver uncompromising BBQ tools at a great price. And most importantly, our products are Expertly Crafted and Built To Last.

When you choose BBQ-AID® you are supporting an American owned business and a team dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

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Our Team

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Andrew Gilliland


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Kimani Francis

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