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Porcelain Burger Press -
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The Perfect Burger Everytime

Porcelain Burger Press

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Built to im-press

The BBQ-AID Burger Press is designed to create the perfect burger in seconds.

Shaped to make 5" patties with zero effort, cook with confidence knowing every burger will be cooked to perfection.

Crafted to indent burgers and promote caramelization to help you achieve that wholesome, meaty burger flavor.

And we all know the more flavor, the better!

Why Choose BBQ-AID?

  • Clean Grill Cleaner Flavor Perfect 1/4" patties
    in seconds
  • 15 inch Long Handle Keeps Arms Safe Indented for
    more caramelization
  • Stainless Steel Strong Core 100% Dishwasher
  • Replace Brush Head in Seconds 5" Patties
    Every time

Designed to Perform

Specifically developed for easy prep and even easier cleaning

The BBQ-AID Burger Press hosts a 18/10 stainless steel bottom and a high-quality white porcelain press. Both selected for purpose and 100% dishwasher safe.

A Need for Speed

Our Burger Press is perfectly shaped to help you make 5" burger patties faster than you can say "BBQ".

Get the ideal size and thickness to enjoy that mouth-watering BBQ flavor while keeping the inside nice and juicy.

A burger should be a special moment in time, not just a sandwhich.

Less Cleaning. More Grilling.



BBQ-AID Burger Press


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18/10 Stainless Steel & White Porcelain Handle Safety Icon Materials Used Various Metals & Plastic
Stylish & Built for Performance Core Stability Icon Look & Style Made to do a job
Wide surface area for even pressing Handle Material Icon Handle Design Thin & Hard To Press
Wide Surface Area For Even Pressing Replaceable Bristles Icon Pattie Span 4-4.5" Thinner Patties
  BBQ-AID Other
Handle Safety Icon Materials Used
Core Stability Icon Look & Style
Handle Material Icon Handle Design
Replaceable Bristles Icon Pattie Size

Hide & Cheese, Anyone?

Make burgers that burst with flavor... and cheese!

Load your patties with your favorite ingredients to create truly unique combinations your guests will love.

Let your creative juices run wild and make every burger a mouth-watering experience to behold.

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14-Day Trial - Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know how much BBQ means to you and your family. It's one of the many reasons why we invest so much time and energy ensuring our tools are built to last a lifetime.

An American Classic

Amazing burgers have always been iconic in the United States.

We believe every burger should pack great flavor and be perfectly cooked.

Invest in a quality burger press that makes prepping and cooking burger effortless.

Let's make the All-American burger great again!

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