B2B Policy

Vantage Commerce LLC

1646 W Snow Ave
Suite 122
Tampa, FL 33606

Phone: 1-(888)-221-1377

Point of Contact:

Melissa Kaliberda
Relationship Growth Manager

Email: melissa@bbq-aid.com

Phone: 1-(201)-214-5005


All orders must be sent to orders@bbq-aid.com.

All orders placed before 11AM EST will be processed the same day and shipped within 48 hours.

Payment Terms: NET15

All invoices will be sent electronically via QuickBooks. Vantage Commerce LLC accepts all ACH bank transfers and checks. Checks must be sent to the above address.

Minimum Order Quantity:
MOQs are SKU Specific and they are available here along with tier pricing. 

Online Selling:
We do NOT allow our wholesale clients to sell our items outside of their company’s website. Reselling our products on Amazon is strictly prohibited.

Each promotion will have a specific code. This code must be placed on the purchase order or the promotions will not be applied.

POS Displays:
POS displays are not free of cost. Unless stated otherwise, if a customer would like to receive a POS display the cost is $9 per display.

Samples & Sell Sheets:
Samples & Sell Sheets can be requested via email via a purchase order for the SKUs needed. Digital Sell Sheets are available here.

MAP Policy: 
Vantage Commerce LLC’s MAP Policy is available here.

Shipping Policy: 
Shipping prices are calculated at 6.5% of the total order value. The minimum shipping price is $10.