B2B Policy – BBQ-AID

B2B Policy

Vantage Commerce LLC

1646 W Snow Ave
Suite 122
Tampa, FL 33606

Phone: 1-(888)-221-1377

Point of Contact:


Email: orders@bbq-aid.com

Phone: 1-(888)-522-0938


All orders must be sent to orders@bbq-aid.com.

All orders placed before 11AM EST will be processed the same day and shipped within 48 hours.

Payment Terms: NET15

All invoices will be sent electronically via QuickBooks. Vantage Commerce LLC accepts all ACH bank transfers and checks. Checks must be sent to the above address. All invoices will be charged a 5% fee for every overdue month.

Minimum Order Quantity:
MOQs are SKU Specific and they are available here along with tier pricing. 

Online Selling:
We do NOT allow our wholesale clients to sell our items outside of their company’s website. Reselling our products on Amazon is strictly prohibited.

Each promotion will have a specific code. This code must be placed on the purchase order or the promotions will not be applied.

POS Displays:
POS displays are not free of cost. Unless stated otherwise, if a customer would like to receive a POS display the cost is $9 per display.

Samples & Sell Sheets:
Samples & Sell Sheets can be requested via email via a purchase order for the SKUs needed. Digital Sell Sheets are available here.

MAP Policy: 
Vantage Commerce LLC’s MAP Policy is available here.

Shipping Policy: 
Shipping prices are calculated at 6.5% of the total order value. The minimum shipping price is $10.