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Mexibeast BBQ

Mexibeast BBQ

Mexibeast BBQ has teamed up with BBQ-AID to bring you the best tools in the grilling game. Better BBQ starts with superior tools.

Mexibeast BBQ

About Mexibeast BBQ

Steve Hernandez - @mexibeastbbq

Steve Hernandez is not interested in photographing the perfect plate, his focus is to educate and inspire people to step out of their comfort zone and start GRILLING LIKE A BEAST

For Hernandez, BBQ is something that can connect a community and also heal a broken heart. He discovered through some dark and difficult times in his life, cooking/smoking meat has been very therapeutic. After recently losing his father to Covid-19, he is using long cooks and expressing himself through social media as a way to process his grief, refocus himself, and share what he loves with his family, friends and followers

As a backyard BBQ enthusiast, business owner, father and husband, Steve’s goal is to equip you with everyday delicious recipes anyone can do anytime, share with you his favorite bbq tools to make life easier and seasonings to put a smile on everyone’s face!

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