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5-in-1 Set

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One Set. Unlimited Possibilities.

Empower your grill and unleash your creativity.

This incredible set includes a beer can chicken roaster, smoker box, jalapeno popper rack & 4 flat BBQ skewers.

Invest in a BBQ tool which allows you to push the boundaries of BBQ.

BBQ-AID 5-in-1 Set

Why Choose BBQ-AID?

  • Icon 1 Jalapeno Rack
    & Smoker Box
  • Icon 2 4x Durable
    BBQ Skewers
  • Icon 3 Beer Can Chicken
  • Icon 4 All Built From
    Stainless Steel

Built from Quality 304-Grade Stainless Steel

The BBQ-AID 5-in-1 Set is completely crafted from high-quality stainless steel.

Every element within the set is 100% dishwasher safe and will never rust. Which means it is always ready to barbecue, whenever you are.

Built for creativity

Every element of the set has been perfectly designed to work effortlessly with one another.

Specifically designed to allow you to experiment and create new exciting recipes for your family and guests.

What will you create with the BBQ-AID 5-in-1 Set?

Built for creativity

Built with you in mind

BBQ-AID Product

BBQ-AID 5-in-1 Smoker Set


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Breaking Boundaries

Whether you are smoking chicken rubbed in 5 spices or roasting jalapenos filled with chili cheddar, the 5-in-1 Set helps you get most out of your grill.

The BBQ-AID 5-in-1 Set gives anyone truly passionate about BBQ the ability to create great tasting foods and different flavors they're never experienced before.

Breaking Boundaries
14-Day Trial - Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know how much BBQ means to you and your family. It's one of the many reasons why we invest so much time and energy ensuring our tools are built to last a lifetime.

Less Limits. More Flavor.

It doesn't matter if you're grilling fresh shrimp skewers or smoking big, juicy chicken legs with oak chips.

The BBQ-AID 5-in-1 Set has everything you need to be confident behind your grill no matter what you're cooking up.

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